CyberGhost VPN NZ Review 2024 :- Cheap but is it Safe?

Digital identity has presently become the talk of the town.

While we have been addicted to surfing all day long, we often leave our personal information that can be easily manipulated by unscrupulous organizations as well as individuals.

With the advent of VPN service providers, few have been geared towards holistic customer satisfaction in addition to the provision of different content, especially within New Zealand.

As such, this CyberGhost vpn review delves into the different handles any VPN service provider must tackle within New Zealand.

Additionally, we also review the best-rated VPN service provider within New Zealand, CyberGhost VPN.

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Trends in New Zealand

While the world switches to the internet of things, New Zealand has not been any different.

The common geo-blocking restrictions in New Zealand mainly include content from the United States as well as from the United Kingdom, specifically for Netflix.

Plus, Netflix offers a sophisticated VPN blocking that bypassing requires an up to the task VPN.

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Furthermore, visitors to New Zealand want access to the different content available in their countries as well as in New Zealand.

Access of content in both countries without restrictions demands the user to have the right VPN to bypass the limits.

VPN services allow you to stay anonymous, for instance, when reviewing a hotel in New Zealand.

Challenges Any VPN Must Overcome in New Zealand

New Zealand offers different challenges when it comes to the type of VPN used.

While all VPN is available to everyone, not all are effective in all the places.

As such, specific details must be considered while choosing a specific VPN service provider to choose from in New Zealand.

Stable Connection

Stable connections must feature good speeds that do not limit the amount of work you can perform at a given time.

Additionally, there should be no limits on the download as well as on bandwidth.

Server Distribution

The number of servers present in the country must be enough to offer reliability.

No servers in New Zealand means there are services such as TVNZ and TV3 that you can never get access to.

Other restrictions include inaccessibility to paid channels in the country such as Quickfix as well as Neon.

Interface Characteristics

A user-friendly interface offers ease of use by any user.

Especially one that provides single-clicking to the different native apps as well as simple downloading.

Additionally, with simple instructions, users can easily follow through while securing themselves without much hassle.

Streaming and Torrenting

Even though there are no restrictions on torrenting within New Zealand, there has been various restrictions due to copyright disputes.

As such, the user must safely as well as anonymously be in a position to torrent any content without exposing themselves to copyright law-breaking.

Any VPN service provider that features any of these characteristics has the upper hand in offering exceptional services within New Zealand.

We have one such VPN provider in mind that we think will be the perfect fit if you are searching for a reliable VPN option in New Zealand.

CyberGhost VPN Review NZ 2021

CyberGhost VPN review nz

In light of the above challenges and specifications, CyberGhost offers the most promising solution to all your VPN needs.

To start with, they feature over 6,000 servers all over the world in a total of 90+ countries.

Within New Zealand only, CyberGhost features a total of 10 servers that are a recipe to stable connections with high speeds of data transfer and encryption.

Additionally, with dedicated as well as file-sharing servers, CyberGhost VPN offers significant benefits to every user with unrestricted torrenting inspite of the copyright laws within New Zealand.

Furthermore, file sharing is easy and quick for users with dedicated servers.

CyberGhost offers a usable interface that is easy to navigate.

As such, this has catapulted CyberGhost to a fan favorite across the world. Accessibility to the various settings is enhanced by detailed and easy to read instructions.

As a result, users get optimal services backed by a super-supportive customer care team.CyberGhost boasts 256-bit encryption.

You can be sure that no personal information is shared. Additionally, your safety is enhanced thanks to the automatic kill switch as well as with the DNS and IP leak protection.

CyberGhost VPN services also feature an OpenVPN protocol that makes sure that you not only have a private connection but also a secure connection.

What You Get with CyberGhost

With seven simultaneous connection capabilities, you get top-notch connectivity when accessing the different geo-restricted content.

Some of the sites CyberGhost efficiently unblocks within New Zealand include; Sky Go, Netflix, Comedy Central, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, as well as ESPN, among other sites.

With these sites, you get dedicated streaming profiles in addition to the optimization of the servers for maximum output.

CyberGhost supports easy torrenting. As such, you get access to the different content restricted within New Zealand as well as abroad. After camouflaging your location, CyberGhost allows you to connect to content like Netflix easily and enjoy your favorite shows.

You will love CyberGhost’s compatibility with macOS and iOS, Windows, Android and Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick as well as with Chrome.

Moreover, with less downtime as well as with no installation issues, CyberGhost offers the best experience for you.

The available 24/7 customer support desk, coupled with an extensive FAQ section is a great recipient for the perfect customer satisfaction all through.

The experts handle the users professionally in every detail.

Lastly, with a 45-day money-back guarantee, you are sure that you will never be duped.

The different deals CyberGhost offers provide the most significant advantage to every user.

With bundled extras, CyberGhost offers excellent value in addition to the regular VPN functionality.

CyberGhost Pricing

CyberGhost offers 4 main subscription plans.

1-Month Package: Charges $12.99 a month billed once every 30 days.

1-Year Package: Costs $5.99 a month billed as $71.88 once every year.

2-Year Package: Valued at $3.69 a month billed as $88.56 once every 2 years.

3-Year Package: Priced at $2.75 a month billed as $99 once every 3 years. This package included 2 extra free months!

There is also a time-sensitive offer running right now. CyberGhost will give you an 18-month subscription for $49.50! According to the website, this is a 79% reduction. Grab it now!

Getting Started on CyberGhost

As you have read, CyberGhost really is one of the top most powerful VPN providers in the market. It is easy to use too and here is how.


Step 1: Create an account

This is pretty simple since all you have to do is fill in your details in the provided form, create a password and subsequently use it to sign in once your account is activated.

As per usual, once you pay for your subscription, you will receive a message with a unique PUK code.

This code in integral in case you need to recover your account for any reason. 

Therefore, save it or print it out.

Step 2: Select your subscription plan

Now that you have your CyberGhost account all ready, it’s time to choose a plan.

We have already discussed the different subscription plans CyberGhost has on offer. So, all there is to do is choose one.

There is a sweet 18-month subscription deal going for $49.50 right now!!!

Go to pricing, pick one subscription plan, and proceed to payments.

Keep in mind that you will be entitled to a 7-day free trial on your mobile devices and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Also, a single subscription allows up to 7 devices connected simultaneously.

Step 3: Download and Install CyberGhost

It is now time to download your CyberGhost Client.

Go to Apps and select the CyberGhost client you need depending on your device.

As we had mentioned, CyberGhost provided Apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Google Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, Linux, Smart TV, and Fire Stick among others.

Once you have downloaded CyberGhost, proceed to install and run the file. These activities are pretty automatic with a few clicks here and there.

Step 4: Fill in Personal Details

After CyberGhost successfully installs, you can either sign in using your email and password to begin using CyberGhost as a paying subscriber, or you can begin using your free trial until it lapses and then sign in.

The choice is yours.

Step 5: Select your Profile

CyberGhost is meticulous in the way it presents these profiles.

You will have six different profile types to choose from. 

They include

·Surf Anonymously· Unblock Streaming· Protect Network· Torrent Anonymously· Unblock Basic Websites· Choose My Server

Depending on your preference, you can easily determine which profile to go with.

For instance, New Zealand BBC iPlayer buffs can go straight to Unblock Streaming to access all the geo-restricted content they want.

It also helps to know that CyberGhost is optimized to automatically choose and connect to the most convenient server for your particular needs.

However, you can select any server you want to use and even create a favorite list so you can always find your preferred servers quickly and conveniently.

Step 6: Configure Settings

Sure, you can now use your CyberGhost flawlessly.

However, if you are a perfectionist, like me, you want to ensure all the settings bend to your will.

By this, I mean you can tweak the settings to activate your Kill Switch, specify which Apps can bypass your VPN connection and so on.

Just head over to the Settings menu and configure the settings to what you prefer.

It is nice that CyberGhost tries to granulate their profiles so you can easily use different profiles for different scenarios.

The only downside is perhaps the fact that you have to disconnect and then reconnect every time you want to switch profiles.

I say this is a small price to pay for this range of versatility, wouldn’t you agree?

ed servers quickly and conveniently.

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Conclusion of CyberGhost VPN Review

Since 2004, the Romanian and German-based privacy giant, CyberGhost has continually offered excellent VPN services

Within the different countries that they are present, New Zealand is one of them where you get excellent performance with up to 10 servers present.

Security over while doing your regular browsing is private.

You are sure that your information is secure within New Zealand and beyond.

Additionally, they help you get access to the different restricted content, especially from the UK, as well as from the US.

Chosen as the best worldwide, CyberGhost offers excellent possibilities in downloading restricted content anonymously while, on the other hand unblocking your favorite streaming services within New Zealand as well as beyond.

What is your experience with CyberGhost? Let us know in the comment section below.

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