How to watch UKTV in NZ {under 5min} in Apr 2024

Great Britain and New Zealand have a great deal in common; New Zealand was under British dominion until 1947, and while they serve the same Queen, they couldn’t be more unlike now. 

To be accurate, 24 hours on a current airplane. While you may travel back and forth, there is one activity you can’t do in New Zealand: watching UK TV networks live. 

Let’s find out how to watch UKTV in NZ.

How to Watch UKTV in NZ

  1. Register for an ExpressVPN account.
  1. Install the plugin on your laptop or television.
  1. Using a smartphone app or a web browser, go to UK TV.
  1. ITV, iPlayer, Channel 4, and others are among the finest.
  1. Make a free account with your email address.
  1. Access UK TV websites and cast to TV or view on PC by using a British VPN server.

Best VPNs to watch UKTV in New Zealand

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to watch UKTV NZ

best vpn nz expressvpn

If you want the greatest viewing experience, ExpressVPN is the way to go. 

Since March 2018, I have been using ExpressVPN to stream BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, and even US Netflix from NZ without any problems.

What distinguishes ExpressVPN from the competition? Easy. It has the best infrastructure. 

Since ExpressVPN invests in its facilities, they are the least busy of any VPN. As a consequence, it costs a bit more than most VPNs. 

When streaming material, this is critical since overcrowded servers cause buffering issues, leading to the server being banned by BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, and other services.

ExpressVPN is a great option if you’re ready to spend a little additional money. It’s a fast VPN with connections to the world’s largest online TV servers. 

ExpressVPN has extensively invested in its network and has consistently been able to circumvent the BBC iPlayer’s VPN block (as well as US Netflix, Amazon Video, ITV Hub, and 4oD’s).

You won’t regret choosing ExpressVPN as your primary VPN since it includes all of the capabilities you’d expect from a contemporary VPN: unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit AES cryptography, up to 5 concurrent connections (on various devices), no records, and dedicated apple, Android, Fire TV Stick, Windows, and Mac applications.

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2. Surfshark VPN: Budget-friendly

best vpn nz Surfshark

If you’re hoping for a less expensive choice, I recommend SurfShark. It offers incredible value at $2.49 per month, and best of all, it ensures reliable access to US Netflix, BBC Iplayer, and plenty of other streaming platforms throughout the world.

In terms of user experience, SurfShark differs from ExpressVPN (user experience). You must pick the particular streaming server you desire, rather than just a United Kingdom server. 

Don’t panic; connecting to a specialized US Netflix server, for example, merely means that you’re connected to an Internet address that Surfshark knows is compatible with US Netflix. 

When streaming material, this is critical since overcrowded servers cause buffering issues, leading to the server being banned by BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, and other services.

SurfShark is capable of more than just connecting to UK TV stations. This VPN will provide you access to US Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, Prime Video, and many other premium streaming services. For $2.49 per month, it’s a steal.

3. NordVPN: Most Trusted VPN

best vpn nz NordVPN

For unclogging UK TV while in NZ, NordVPN is a good and reasonably priced option. It’s also one of the more well-known and well-respected VPN services.

This VPN is one of the finest at playing Cat and Mouse with UK Television channels on the marketplace. If just one of its servers is banned, it responds by updating the IP address as soon as possible. 

If you really want to watch TV from another location, this is the finest feature to search for in a VPN company. 

When streaming material, this is critical since overcrowded servers cause buffering issues, leading to the server being banned by BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, and other services. 

It’s a VPN service that has consistently performed well in testing over the years. It’s now reasonably priced and has all of the features you’d expect from a VPN. 

Apps for Android and iOS are accessible straight from the app stores, and you may operate up to six devices at once. There are also a variety of pricing alternatives.

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Best UK TV Channels

BBC iPlayer

Sky Go

BT Sport

ITV Player

Channel 4 On Demand

Channel 5 On Demand


Netflix UK

Acorn TV.

Why do We Recommend ExpressVPN?

Without question, ExpressVPN is one of the finest streaming VPN services currently on the market. 

The VPN service, situated in the British Virgin Islands, has over 3000 locations in 94 countries worldwide. 

When it comes to its presence in the United Kingdom, it has a vast server network that serves its members’ online prSurfshark and streaming needs.

Apart from servers, ExpressVPN provides its users with many important safety and prSurfshark features, like 5 multi-logins, an online kill switch, a dedicated IP, DNS leak prevention, and so on.

You may sign up for a 12-month plan with three free months for $6.67 per month regarding pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch UK television in New Zealand?

With a VPN that provides a UK IP address, you can effortlessly watch UK TV in NZ. You may easily view UK TV stations using a British IP address as a UK TV NZ lover. The UK TV Guide in New Zealand will help you find out what stations and shows are available on UK TV.

What are some popular UK TV programs?

Gavin and Stacey
Line of Duty
His Dark Materials
Strictly Come Dancing
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here
Britain’s Got Talent
The Great British Bake Off
Doctor Who
Midsomer Murders

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Final Thoughts

Use a VPN to obtain the internet you want while maintaining your security and privacy. 

With limitless bandwidth, you may stream and download any material you desire. 

With computers in 94 countries, you can access your favourite applications securely from anywhere, including public Wi-Fi.

Bypass content-based restriction, state censorship, and school or workplace blocking.

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