5 Best VPN for Gaming in 2024 (updated: Apr)

When optimizing your computer, a gaming VPN may not be at the top of the list, but the best VPN for gaming can do more for players than protect you safe and secure from DDoS assaults from furious opponents. 

Low connection speeds may be fatal, especially in games that require rapid reflexes, yet ISPs frequently throttle high-bandwidth users such as broadcasters and gamers. 

It is done to guarantee that all customers have comparable speeds and those who consume the most bandwidth are punished – looking for the best VPN for gaming? This article is just for you.

5 Best VPN for Gaming

Check out the top 5 best VPN for Gaming:

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN in New Zealand

Expressvpn for gaming

We’re not shocked that ExpressVPN outperforms all other services when it comes to gaming VPNs – it’s ranked first in a number of our previous recommendations, and it’s done it again.

Most significantly, ExpressVPN provides outstanding speeds so that you won’t experience any latency – and if your ISP consistently provides rates of about 100-200MB, you’re unlikely to notice any difference. 

In our tests, it reached a blistering 630mbps on a 1Gbps connection; that’s more than fast enough for 360 no-scope newbies.

ExpressVPN also has a dedicated router VPN software, so you can escape throttling and be safe even on consoles that don’t handle VPNs natively. 

There are no preferential privileges for PC gamers here. Furthermore, while Express’s MediaStreamer Smart DNS solution does not provide encryption, it will allow you to change locations on your PS or Xbox to access geo-blocked material.

Aside from gaming, you’ll be able to obtain virtually any regional Netflix collection, as well as prohibited sites like the BBC iPlayer in NZ. 

Furthermore, if you ever have a problem with the service, the live chat is available 24/7 to help you out.

If we had to choose a flaw, it would be that ExpressVPN plans only allow for five concurrent connections. 

If you set one of those on the router, it will protect any gadget connected to it, and you can then download the other four on the laptops and phones you carry with you. There is currently no service that can compete with ExpressVPN. 

ExpressVPN must be at the top of this list if you’re searching for a gaming VPN that can save you from throttling, keep you safe and secure and trackers, and unblock live streams.

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2. Surfshark VPN: Budget-friendly

Surfshark for gaming

SurfShark is an inexpensive VPN that works well with a gaming VPN, and our SurfShark review found the budget provider to be rather good in several areas.

Surfshark’s connection speeds were outstanding in our most recent round of testing while utilizing the new WireGuard protocol, and while not as constant as Nord and Express, you can still count on it not to reduce your Wi-Fi to a standstill.

It has a large network with 3,200 servers, but the mix of infinite connections and a low fee of around $2.50 is the most appealing feature. 

In the VPN market, both are practically unheard of, and the combination is unmatched. SurfShark is the most cost-effective method to acquire a gaming VPN.

No, the applications don’t offer as much customization as others, and yes, the support system is a little slower. 

Still, if you’re willing to adhere to the suggested settings, avoid throttling, and access a tonne of Netflix libraries, then this is the most cost-effective option.

3. NordVPN: Most Trusted VPN

NordVPN for gaming

As the most well-known VPN on the market, you’d expect NordVPN to perform well as a gaming VPN – and you’d be correct.

In our NordVPN review, we discovered that the Panama-based company had some of the best speeds we’ve seen, and you’ll be able to choose from a range of over 5,000 servers in 60 countries.

That implies that no matter where you will be, you’ll be able to connect to the internet using your regular phone line.

NordVPN used to have some issues with speed, but now that the WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol has been fully implemented, it’s among the fastest on the market, with speeds reaching 820Mbps.

Nord’s applications are highly reliable, so you won’t have to keep checking on them, and you can set everything up on a router to cover all of your consoles. 

Plus, with robust streaming support, you’ll be able to view just as much whatever you want, no matter where you are. 

Nord, unlike ExpressVPN, does not have a specialized router app. Thus setup might be challenging.

Even while NordVPN isn’t nearly as slick and dependable as ExpressVPN, it’s a close second, and it’s well worth investigating.

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5. IPVanish

ipvanish new zealand

IPVanish is a brazenly technical gaming VPN, and its bright green and black UI would look great with your iridescent Razer game mouse.

Since we’re more used to IPVanish than a US VPN, connection rates in our most recent IPVanish review were very outstanding in the UK, hitting over 400Mbps, while US speeds were just around 190Mbps on a 1Gbps connection.

IPVanish, which can be put on routers, just announced its new unlimited connections policy, implying you can protect any device in your home. 

And, on top of that, it supports a large range of devices, so it’s truly doable.

IPVanish also provides a wealth of information on its servers, which, although in many cases is excessive, is quite beneficial if you’re seeking the best gaming VPN server.

If the ping is more important to you than data speeds, you may choose depending on that.

Finally, despite not being able to access iPlayer, IPVanish is an excellent Netflix VPN, and you’ll be able to enter a wealth of other material once you’ve put down your mouse or controller for the evening.

While the overall experience isn’t nearly as polished as the finest, IPVanish is a good option if you’re looking for a dependable, fast, and comprehensive gaming VPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of a gaming VPN?

    There are a few reasons why you may wish to use a gaming VPN. To begin, if your internet access is fluctuating, your ISP may be censoring your connection due to your activities. 

    A VPN can help you prevent this by masking your online behavior, making it impossible for your ISP to target you for throttling. Second, there is the issue of privacy. 

    Anyone is susceptible, but gamers are more vulnerable to DDoS assaults and are more likely to be hacked. 

    A VPN can protect anybody – not just gamers – from a variety of online threats, as well as block Google from monitoring you.

  2. Will using a VPN make my ping higher?

    It is a difficult question. A VPN will certainly raise your ping when compared to your normal connection at peak speeds, but if you’re close to one of your VPN’s servers, it may even lower it if you’re lucky.

    But the real reason you’re utilizing a gaming VPN is to improve the stability and reliability of your connection. 

    So, on a normal connection, your ping could peak at 10ms, and if you’re slowed down, it could spike to a difficult-to-manage 300ms.

Final Thoughts

High connection speeds are the most crucial characteristic of any gaming VPN. 

You would like to match your usual connection speeds as closely as possible, so a fast VPN is a smart place to start.

After that, check to see if your gaming VPN has great privacy credentials. 

While it may not be at the top of that list, there’s no need to compromise either when so many providers offer outstanding speeds and security.

So, do your research and ensure that your VPN service is dependable – it’s not ideal if your VPN keeps cutting out, and if it has a dead switch on, your entire connection will die in this scenario.

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