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Employer Advice to Migrants

Friday August 14th 2015

This is a 2013 paper I wrote based on a survey asking businesses about their experiences with migrants and the advice they would give them.

Perceived Locus of Control

Friday August 14th 2015

This is a paper I wrote in 2013 looking at what businesses in New Zealand consider as major determinants of their success.

Repat Experiences

Friday August 14th 2015

This is the paper I wrote in 2012 looking at the experiences of Kiwi migrants back to NZ.

Our Deficiencies Summarised

Thursday May 19th 2011

This paper summarises the factors which we have identified as contributing to NZ’s economic under-performance and explains how each factor is relevant.

What we lack – 8

Friday May 13th 2011

Up to this point our examination of NZ economic deficiencies has followed the traditional route focussing on infrastructure, free market signals, etc., with policy implications largely of the sort one could derive from an OECD report or a watered down 2025 Taskforce paper. This week we end this part of our examination by looking at […]

What we lack – 7

Monday May 2nd 2011

This seventh paper looks at the OECD Going For Growth and Policy Brief papers, the second 2025 Taskforce Report,  the Ministry of Economic Development’s Economic Development Indicators 2011 report, and an NZ Trade and Enterprise study on how Kiwi businesspeople are viewed offshore

What we lack – 6

Thursday April 28th 2011

This sixth paper looks at the series of papers produced by NZ Treasury in 2008 examining the key drivers of productivity growth.

Download document pdf 223kb

What we lack – 5

Wednesday April 20th 2011

This fifth paper examines the OECD Product Regulation data to reveal that NZ is no longer one of the most deregulated economies in the world.

What we lack – 4

Wednesday April 13th 2011

This fourth comparisons paper in our series examining areas which international studies suggest we are lagging behind covers the Legatum Prosperity Index, Doing Business 2011, the Economic Freedom Index, and the OECD FDI Restrictiveness Index.

What we lack – 3

Saturday April 2nd 2011

In this third comparisons paper we examine the KoF Index of Globalisation and the Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Index.

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