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The survey is sent out to each of the 28,000 subscribers to the BNZ Weekly Overview on the first Thursday of each month and results are published the following Monday. It is the most up to date gauge of changes in business sentiment in New Zealand and accurately picks changes which subsequently appear in other surveys released with lags of many weeks.

Business confidence stays high

Thursday May 8th 2014

A strong net 59% of respondents in our monthly BNZ Confidence Survey feel that the economy will be in better shape in a year’s time than it is now. This is consistent with monthly results since the middle of last year and bodes well for continuing strong growth in employment along with business investment.

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Business Confidence Stays Strong

Friday April 11th 2014

Our monthly survey shows businesses remain highly confident about where the economy is headed.

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Confidence Remains Elevated

Tuesday March 11th 2014

Our monthly survey of BNZ Weekly Overview readers shows confidence about the economy remains at very high levels. A net 66% of the 496 respondents expect the NZ economy to be in a better condition in a year’s time than it is now. Last month’s outcome was a net 68% and this month only 23 respondents expect things to get worse.


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Confidence Remains Elevated

Monday February 3rd 2014

Our first BNZ Confidence Survey for 2014 has found the same very high level of confidence about the economy as our last survey for 2013. A net 68% of the 543 respondents expect the economy to be in better shape in a year’s time. A year ago this result was a net 32% positive. In fact in this survey only 33 people think the economy will deteriorate in the coming year. 402 see improvement and 108 feel things will remain unchanged.


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Confidence At record High

Monday December 2nd 2013

Confidence about where the NZ economy will be in a year’s time has hit a record net 69% positive, up from 66% last month. Construction and its many associated industries is strong, accountants are more positive than for many years, and things are less negative in a number of sectors such as retailing. The LVR changes have dented residential real estate turnover, taken pressure off prices, and led to vendors moving away from selling using auctions. Listings shortages persist however.


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Confidence hits record high

Monday November 11th 2013

Confidence amongst BNZ Weekly Overview readers regarding where the NZ economy will be in a year’s time has surged to a record high. A net 65.7% of the 469 respondents are optimistic compared with a net 45% in October and 57% in September. Sentiment has been broadly trending upward since the middle of last year and this month only 27 people in fact felt that the economy would be in worse state in a year’s time.


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Confidence Survey Results

Monday September 30th 2013

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Kiwis Less Relaxed About China

Monday September 2nd 2013

Our feelings of ease about New Zealand’s growing economic dependence upon China have taken a battering this month following the milk powder scare. Whereas for the previous three months a net 44% of respondents to our survey have each month said that they are happy about our economic relationship with China, this month that proportion has dropped to a net 28%. This is still a firmly positive result but the decline provides us with the only evidence of how our thinking as opposed to the thoughts of Chinese may have changed as a result of the poison milk worries.


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Confidence at a record high

Monday August 5th 2013

Our monthly survey elicited 763 responses last week and a record net 59% of respondees expect that the NZ economy will be in better shape in a year’s time than it is now. This result is consistent with other less up to date measures showing very positive business sentiment. Some key themes are worsening shortages of labour and a still deepening shortage of residential real estate listings.

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Sentiment Remains At A Record Level

Monday July 1st 2013

This month we received 642 responses to the survey which have provided us with some excellent insight into conditions in manufacturing, retailing, real estate and many other sectors. Sector comments stretch to 17 pages this month.


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