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Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

NZ’s Return Migrants

Tuesday June 18th 2013

Having drawn attention to the predicted global talent shortages and examined myths about return migration last month, this month Tracey Lee highlights four selfish reasons for New Zealand to set its sights on this talent pool.


Tuesday June 18th 2013

IkeGPS are a Wellington based high tech firm that specialise in creating measurement solutions, used in defense, intelligence and electric utility markets. IkeGPS choose to operate in New Zealand due to having a high quality core devolvement team based in Wellington.

NZD Down – Temporarily Maybe

Tuesday June 18th 2013

The NZD has fallen firmly in the past month and a half on the back of riding the coat-tails of a weaker Aussie dollar hit by China growth worries and declining mining investment, plus a rising greenback lifted by Fed. tapering expectations. Volatility looks to remain very high in coming months due to outright monetary […]

Migrant Numbers Rising

Tuesday June 18th 2013

Net migration inflows to NZ are rising rapidly with the annualised gain over the past three months adding to 15,000. A key driver of the turnaround is fewer Kiwis going to Australia and more coming back as our labour markets go in opposite directions (NZ upward).

Labour Market Improving

Tuesday June 18th 2013

Construction is set to drive an upturn in the NZ labour market which is showing signs of getting under way with shortages already appearing across many occupations. The currently 6.2% unemployment rate looks set to go below 5%.

Onward and Upward

Tuesday June 18th 2013

House sales are rising but with construction well below average and listings in decreasing supply prices are headed upward strongly in NZ’s two biggest cities – the rest will slowly follow.

Brain Gain Lead Article

Tuesday June 18th 2013

NZ economy improving.

Residential Real Estate Very Strong

Sunday June 16th 2013

A record net 19% of licensed real estate agents say that they are receiving fewer requests for property appraisals from potential vendors, a record net 21% consider it to be a seller’s market, and a net 48% see house prices rising. Additionally, asked about where the vendors they represent are located, 4.5% say they are […]

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NZD Eases

Thursday June 13th 2013

The NZD has edged slightly lower again this week under pressure from a rising greenback buoyed by acceptable jobs data, and weakish Chinese data depressing both the Aussie dollar and ourselves.

Reality Hits Japan

Thursday June 13th 2013

Reality his Japan and the Nikkei has fallen 20%. Jobs growth is acceptable if not stellar in the US. In China data are printing slightly weaker than hoped for and in Australia although growth forecasts are being reduced consumer confidence has lifted into positive territory and in May the employment market performed better than expected.

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