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Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

On the road – 4

Monday June 6th 2011

Here are some observations regarding the Hong Kong economy gleaned from meetings with various people duirng the week.

May 30th 2011

Monday May 30th 2011

We have loaded our monthly overview of the NZ real estate market. After analysing the actual data and running through the factors which influence the market we conclude that a cyclical recovery is underway. We include population projections in this month’s issue.

Download document pdf 112kb

On the road – 3

Saturday May 28th 2011

Here is the third set of comments regarding what I have seen and learnt while offshore. This paper focusses on London, offshore perceptions of NZ, the European debt crisis, and an encounter (sort of) with royalty.

Things Which Have Worked For Businesses

Wednesday May 25th 2011

Here are the results of the special question we added to our BNZ Confidence Survey of May 5. They show most respondents have found some business improvement from cutting costs and boosting productivity and only a few feel that cutting staff has “worked” for them.

There is strong potential for a big flow of Irish construction workers to meet our coming shortage.

Sunday May 22nd 2011

Ireland’s Economy Munted – For Now I’ve just spent the past three days in Dublin meeting some people from the central bank and having a decent look around the city. Ireland’s economy is about 15% smaller than it was three years ago courtesy of a huge pullback in residential and to a less extent non-residential […]

On the road – 2

Saturday May 21st 2011

Here is my second paper while offshore doing some work. For the past two days I’ve been in Dublin and here are some comments on the Irish economy and what you’ll find if you come here as a tourist.

Our Deficiencies Summarised

Thursday May 19th 2011

This paper summarises the factors which we have identified as contributing to NZ’s economic under-performance and explains how each factor is relevant.

How things look over in Europe and the relevance for us.

Monday May 16th 2011

This week I head off to Brussels to attend a conference on prospects for the European economy over the coming year, then will take a look at Dublin to see how it has changed since my last visit two decades ago. The answer clearly will be a lot because it is over that period of […]

May 2011

Saturday May 14th 2011

March quarter jobs growth was a stellar 1.4% or 30,000 and that suggests even more rapid tightening up of the labour market then we had been expecting – though the data need to be treated with caution.

What we lack – 8

Friday May 13th 2011

Up to this point our examination of NZ economic deficiencies has followed the traditional route focussing on infrastructure, free market signals, etc., with policy implications largely of the sort one could derive from an OECD report or a watered down 2025 Taskforce paper. This week we end this part of our examination by looking at […]

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