Tony Alexander

Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

Consumer Sentiment Eases But Spending Intentions Rise

Friday September 6th 2013

There has been a slight reduction this month in the net percent of people feeling confident about the economy to 21% from  29% in July and August. Nevertheless, a net 8% of our 521 respondents  (compared with 6% in August) still expect to spend more than usual in the coming month with a gross 17% […]

Residential Real Estate Strong

Monday August 12th 2013

The 253 licensed real estate agents who responded in our survey this month have noted a falling away of first home buyers in the market but still strongly rising prices and an over-whelming perception that it is a seller’s market throughout most, but not all, of New Zealand. In contrast with the previous two months […]

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Consumer Confidence Stays Strong

Tuesday August 6th 2013

Our fourth BNZ-Nine Rewards Consumer Trends Survey has found a continuing strong level of optimism about the state of the economy in a year’s time. A net 29% of respondents are optimistic which is the same outcome as July’s survey.

Confidence at a record high

Monday August 5th 2013

Our monthly survey elicited 763 responses last week and a record net 59% of respondees expect that the NZ economy will be in better shape in a year’s time than it is now. This result is consistent with other less up to date measures showing very positive business sentiment. Some key themes are worsening shortages […]

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Brain Gain August 2013

Friday August 2nd 2013

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Re-entry shock and cultural identity

Friday August 2nd 2013

David Ellis, a recent Massey University Doctoral Scholarship winner, writes about his research into the re-entry experiences of returned Kiwis.

Kiwi Business Culture

Friday August 2nd 2013

Tony Smale this month’s discusses Universalism versus Particularism – the different ways we view things.

Migration Booming It Seems

Friday August 2nd 2013

Courtesy largely of a turning in the large migration cycle which NZ experiences with Australia, net migration flows are approaching average levels and look set to rise to 2 – 3 times the average annual net gain in the coming year or two.

Labour Market Improving

Friday August 2nd 2013

Evidence is building of high business sentiment being set to translate into strong hiring growth.

Housing Strong

Friday August 2nd 2013

The shortage not only remains but is getting worse and more is to come as migration booms.

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