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Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

Kerr Scientific Instruments

Sunday April 21st 2013

Each month we shall include a column from the NZ  Manufacturers and Exporters Association President Brian Willoughby highlighting developments in the important high value manufacturing sector. Our aim is to show that there is more to NZ than just cows and scenery.

NZ Child Poverty Problem

Sunday April 21st 2013

The past month has been a relatively quiet one on the survey and global comparison front. All we have learnt is that NZ rates very highly in terms of human development, NZ-based banks score well on the global safety scale, but UNICEF find our children to be in a poor state. But it pays to […]

NZD Firm

Sunday April 21st 2013

In the past month the NZD has traded as high as US 86.5 cents and 56.3 pence on the back of renewed worries about Europe leading to selling of the Euro and by association the Pound, plus money printing starting in earnest in Japan causing substantial Yen depreciation.

Migration Flows Slowly Improving

Sunday April 21st 2013

On average over the past ten years NZ has enjoyed a net annual migration gain of 12,000 people courtesy of 72,500 people on average leaving each year and 84,500 arriving. In the year to February the net flow was a gain of 1,195 so the net population boost is well below average.

Labour Market Slowly Getting Firmer

Sunday April 21st 2013

This month we have in hand data from the NZIER’s Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion which tells us that businesses are finding it harder to get the labour they want, but at this stage the lack is not preventing them from growing. That is good for inflationary pressures but bad for those hoping for a […]

NZ Housing Market Firm

Sunday April 21st 2013

The NZ housing market continues to power ahead and although for the moment the strength is concentrated in Auckland and Christchurch, history tells us this will spread to the rest of the country in fits and starts. Data from REINZ show that in March there were 8,128 dwellings sold around the country which was an […]

Brain Gain NZ Lead Article

Sunday April 21st 2013

New Zealand is an interesting place. Well removed from trouble spots of the world and absent the tensions and radicalism which generate outcomes like the Boston marathon bombing, the country offers itself as an attractive place to raise a family. Access to the outdoors is available for all whether working or not, the education system […]

Kiwi Loss Across The Ditch

Sunday April 21st 2013

In this month’s issue of Brain Gain NZ we look at a wide range of subjects in the opening article then look at the housing and labour markets before seeing if any new trends are developing in migration flows.  We then look at the NZD’s movement and where we think it is headed – basically […]

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Weak data push NZD lower

Thursday April 18th 2013

The kiwi dollar this afternoon was buying just over US 84 cents compared with almost 86 cents a week ago. It was also down about three Japanese Yen and marginally off against the Euro and Pound while gaining against the Aussie dollar to sit near 82 cents.

Weak data in the US and China

Thursday April 18th 2013

The IMF this week released their regular update on how they see the world economy and scaled back their forecast for global growth during 2013 to 3.3% from the earlier 3.5%. The change came about largely because they cut their expectations for European growth from -0.1% to -0.3% and UK growth from 1% to 0.7%. […]

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