Tony Alexander

Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

NZD rising against the AUD

Thursday April 25th 2013

Against the Australian currency the NZD has risen firmly in recent weeks and now sits at its highest level since October 2009. This movement upward from 80 cents a month ago is based upon a number of things.

Global outlook edging lower again

Thursday April 25th 2013

The theme running through the world’s financial markets at the moment is one of growth showing signs of faltering in the United States, China and Germany, rising pressure for an easing off in the pace of fiscal tightening in Europe, and increasing probability of more easing of monetary policies. Basically things are getting worse once […]

No OCR change = no surprise

Thursday April 25th 2013

You have to feel sorry for central bankers sometimes. They know that their every word will be examined in detail, they limit the words which reach public ears, and they put an extreme amount of effort into draughting press releases they have to make such as this week’s OCR review. So imagine how they felt […]

In Bruges

Thursday April 25th 2013

I am typing this while sitting in the breakfast room of the Martins Brugge Hotel right behind the bell tower in the middle of Bruges, surrounded by a few dozen Japanese people enjoying their food before spending the day doing whatever one does here. For some it will involve climbing the 300+ steps to the […]

What I learnt in Bruges

Thursday April 25th 2013

This second conference I attended was presented by the College of Europe and Deloittes and looked at how Europe can become a more attractive location for manufacturers and boost competitiveness. Europe’s industrial sector is facing strong challenges and the lack of cohesion I saw discussed means the goal of returning industrial production to 20% of […]

What I learnt in Brussels

Thursday April 25th 2013

I’ve spent the past week first travelling to Brussels via Heathrow then attending conferences in Brussels and Bruges. Why Europe again? Partly because since May 2010 when problems in Greece appeared it has become clear that it is not just the GFC and its after-effects which beset Europe, but existential issues as well which the […]

Getting IT Firms Into France

Sunday April 21st 2013

Through 25 years of experience in dealing with various markets in Europe and Asia and a recent focus on France, Pierre Leducq, from ISISConnect, is giving here some personal advice on how to approach the French market.

The Importance of Quality Management

Sunday April 21st 2013

In our Business of International Quality (BIQ)™ framework, “Management” is one of the six dimensions.  This covers a range of aspects from the entrepreneurs’ mind-set and leadership style, to long term vision and company culture.

Do Kiwis Lack Ambition?

Sunday April 21st 2013

The term “second nature” refers to when we have learned something new so well that the associated mental models have become part of our habitual thinking and behaviour. To begin with our view of how the world works, what is and is not important, and how we react to various situations is a product of […]

Angel Investing

Sunday April 21st 2013

The general consensus is that the capital markets in New Zealand are very undeveloped. Businesspeople wanting to expand often complain about their inability to find funding, while those looking to invest equally complain about their inability to find businesses worth investing it with regard to the professionalism and abilities displayed by the operators along with […]

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