Tony Alexander

Economic Commentaries

I’ve been writing a weekly column for NZ regional newspapers since 1998. Columns produced since the start of 2011 are included on this page.

New Consumer Trends Survey

Monday May 6th 2013

First results from our new survey of the 60,000 people on the Nine Rewards online panel.

NZD Pressure Is Upward

Thursday May 2nd 2013

The Federal Reserve in the United States is determined to get growth self-sustaining with rising consumer spending and business investment. The business investment leg suffered a crick this week with weaker than expected durable goods data. That just reinforces the Fed.’s determination to keep monetary policy easing.

Europe Is A Mess – Crisis To Continue

Thursday May 2nd 2013

I was there at the conference in Brussels when the European Commission President Mr Barosso essentially said the limit of fiscal austerity has been reached – though I was too busy taking notes from his comments a few minutes before then to realise the significance of his utterance.

Listings Shortage Continues, Prices Rising

Thursday May 2nd 2013

Results from our monthly BNZ Confidence Survey show that conditions remain the same as ever in the residential real estate market. Listings are in short supply, prices are rising, but upward pressure on rents is not that great. This latter dimension reflects the inability of landlords to raise rents in our medium income country where […]

Nothing Suggesting Inflation Rising Soon

Thursday May 2nd 2013

Although our monthly business confidence survey has risen quite firmly with not a single mention of the drought (in stark contrast to a month ago) we don’t think the Reserve Bank will look at the results and develop greater concern about inflation. New Zealand’s inflation rate has been below 1% for a year now and […]

Some of the Week’s Data

Thursday May 2nd 2013

During the month of March NZ ran a trade surplus of $718mn which is very good considering last year the balance was $186mn and two years ago $582mn. In fact for the quarter exports were ahead 1% from a year ago while imports were down 4.5%.

No Iron, But a Decent Coffee

Thursday May 2nd 2013

In one’s life there are many firsts – first steps, first use of the big toilet, first time out of the car seat, first kiss, first job, first marriage. In Paris I experienced a first. Having stayed in motels and hotels from London to New York, Boston, Chicago, Bruges, Dublin, Seoul, Hong Kong, Invercargill and […]

Coronation Street and Tax rates

Thursday May 2nd 2013

I felt like I was on location with Coro characters Wednesday morning when taking some time off for shopping at Europe’s biggest shopping mall at Stratford.

Some Observations From London

Thursday May 2nd 2013

At the moment I am in London spending my time meeting quite a number of Kiwis over here, giving the occasional presentation, and discussing Europe and the UK with some folk from the Bank of England. In no particular order of importance here are a few observations you might find of interest. I shall write […]

BNZ Confidence Survey Results

Monday April 29th 2013

Our monthly survey of Weekly Overview readers attracted 203 responses and found a strong net 45% feeling that the economy will be better in a year’s time. This is up from the late-March result of a net 25% positive and is suggestive of eventually some good employment and capital spending growth.  

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