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Poor NZ Data

Thursday November 15th 2012

The central global themes currently are better than expected data in China and the United States but worries about the US budget deficit, Japan shrinking 0.9% in the September quarter with political dysfunction, and Europe facing increasing social unrest and deepening short, medium, and long term economic woe.


A summary of things

Thursday November 8th 2012

This week I have been busy with many things so have confined my headline article to just a run-through of my main themes which include a high and rising NZD, rising house prices, labour market tightening from mid-2013, flat interest rates and NZ’s growth constraint being lack of connectivity and our Kiwi business culture rather than institutions, savings and tax rates.


November 1 2012

Thursday November 1st 2012

New Zealand Needs Connectivity

Thursday October 25th 2012

In this week’s Overview I give thought to how NZ effectively needs a helping hand from friends offshore if we are to move up the OECD ladder.

Download document pdf 188kb

Structural worries offshore, low inflation at home.

Friday October 19th 2012

This past week I have been on the road giving talks to audiences in Dublin, Paris, London and tomorrow Hamburg so I’ve not had much time for placing content in this week’s Overview. I’ve not carved off separate sections into pdfs this week either. In the introductory section I give an opinion about many problems persisting overseas but it should be noted for that for the moment US data have been good and progress is being made on European debt issues – hence the strength in sharemarkets and in the NZ dollar in spite of the much lower than expected NZ inflation number.


Foreign Economies – October 11

Thursday October 11th 2012

This is the section just on the European and United States economy – a bit scant on the latter this week due to time constraints.


Thursday October 11th 2012

My introductory article and some more observations on London are here.

Weekly Overview – October 11

Thursday October 11th 2012

I make some more observations regarding London in the front section and the third url link below. Many thanks to those who responded in my monthly confidence survey. It shows sentiment is slowly improving out there which leaves one happy with a forecast of growth slowly picking up in the NZ economy and the labour market eventually tightening and producing some pretty severe skills shortages.

Download document pdf 106kb

Weekly Overview October 4

Thursday October 4th 2012

This week the main piece of news has been the cut of 0.25% in interest rates across the ditch which has pushed the NZD to a 13 month high against the Aussie dollar. It is very unlikely that their rate cut will be followed by one in NZ and in this week’s WO I explain yet again why that is the case – a rising housing market. We have received more data this week showing tightness in housing supply in New Zealand and in particular in Auckland.

Weekly Overview – Sept 27

Thursday September 27th 2012

I’m offshore at the moment so this week’s Overview is shorter than usual. Suffice to say though that I see nothing which alters my view on our economy. The construction sector is picking up due to the rebuilding of Christchurch and catch-up construction in Auckland. The trade balance is deteriorating due to this construction and reasonable retail spending growth boosting imports while exports are constrained by the high NZD. This situation will eventually lead to a probable additional credit rating cut within five years.

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