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Economic Commentaries

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Weekly Overview Sept. 12

Thursday September 12th 2013

The Reserve Bank did as everyone expected and left their cash rate unchanged at 2.5% this morning. But they were a bit more hawkish in their comments than expected. This simply feeds into the warning we are giving that floating interest rates will be rising this year. As regards where they peak and when – that is impossible to reasonably predict yet given uncertainties surrounding economic growth, inflationary pressures, and exchange rate movements here and overseas. But borrowers should be very careful about thinking floating through the entire interest rates cycle is a good idea. History shows NZ interest rates tend to peak higher and spend more time going up than generally forecast at the start of the rates cycle.


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Weekly Overview Sept. 5

Thursday September 5th 2013

Generally positive data have been released in the United States this past week and that has not only contributed to the NZD rising as investors have sought riskier peripheral assets, but also pushed local wholesale borrowing costs upward. The forward track for NZ interest rates is very clear and it is just a matter of trying one’s best to pick the speed at which rates rise (very uncertain), the peaks they will reach (very, very uncertain), and when they hit those peaks (guesswork). In other words borrowers need to be extremely careful with their interest rate risk management.


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Exports decline

Thursday August 29th 2013

While soaring dairy prices and an upwardly mobile Fonterra payout are big positives for our economy, export receipts overall are actually falling.

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No Investment Surge Yet in NZ

Thursday August 22nd 2013

Is there any strong evidence yet that businesses are backing their high levels of confidence by boosting capital spending? Not really.


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Consumer Spending Lifts

Thursday August 15th 2013

Retail spending jumped firmly during the June quarter but the 8% annualised pace of growth is unlikely to be sustained. The good data however, in conjunction with some better than expected numbers in the UK, Europe, China and the United States have pushed up both the NZD this week as well as fixed borrowing costs. The latter are on a multi-month uncertain oscillation upward which borrowers should be keeping a close eye on.


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Economy to Escape Unscathed This Time Around

Thursday August 8th 2013

The Events surrounding Fonterra caused some brief weakness in the NZD which has not persisted against the greenback or Aussie dollar but has left our currency down for the week against other currencies. The interest rate impact was minimal and it looks like this time around there will be no measurable hit to the economy as such.


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NZ Growth Outlook Ratcheting Upward

Thursday August 1st 2013

Prospects for NZ growth keep improving and as forecasts get revised up so too will expectations for monetary policy tightening be brought forward in time and extra upward pressure accrue for the NZ dollar.

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Weekly Overview July 11

Thursday July 11th 2013

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Weekly Overview July 4

Thursday July 4th 2013

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Weekly Overview – June 27

Thursday June 27th 2013

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