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The full pdf version of the Weekly Overview is contained here.

Weekly Overview December 10 2015

Thursday December 10th 2015

This is the second to last Weekly Overview for the year. In it I take a look at the decision by the Reserve Bank to cut the cash rate another 0.25% but essentially rule out any further cuts. This makes sense as although inflation is low at 0.4% and not set to rise much, the ability of lower interest rates to boost inflation is limited these days and lower rates simply imply even faster growth in home lending and house prices.


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Weekly Overview December 3 2015

Thursday December 3rd 2015

In this week’s Overview I take a look at the implications for someone approaching or even in retirement of sustained low returns on conservative assets like term deposits, rising life expectancy, the coming slowing in labour force growth once the current migration boom eventually eases off, and the social connectivity which continued employment can bring.


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Weekly Overview November 26 2015

Thursday November 26th 2015

A couple of very large numbers made their appearance this week. One came from the International Visitor Survey which showed a massive 38% rise in spending by visitors to New Zealand over the past year. The tourism sector is in very good health and this is one of the important offsets to weakness in the dairying sector which will keep overall economic growth up and discourage the Reserve Bank from contemplating rate cuts beyond probably one more 0.25% reduction.


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Weekly Overview. November 19 2015

Thursday November 19th 2015

This week I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Christchurch and start the Weekly Overview discussing how construction of low rise office buildings has soared since I last had a decent walk around a year ago. In two more years the CBD will look amazingly different from the building site it is currently.


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Weekly Overview – November 12 2015

Thursday November 12th 2015

This week’s Overview is just three pages long so its not going to set the world alight. I concentrate on the important issue of making sure you don’t rush to form conclusions about things based upon just one month’s observations. You need at least three months worth of data to say anything really meaningful. If you look at just October you may conclude that house prices are falling in Auckland. But if you smooth over three months what we have instead is a trend of slowing house price rises from the pace of earlier this year.


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PDF version of WO

Thursday November 5th 2015

Opps. Loaded Word version referenced via URL in the bulk email. Here is a pdf copy.

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Weekly Overview November 5 2015

Thursday November 5th 2015

In this week’s Overview I make a quick note of the weaker than expected employment numbers released yesterday along the lines of them reflecting the collapse in business sentiment early this year. Now that sentiment is back up again employment growth will resume.


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Weekly Overview October 29 2015

Thursday October 29th 2015

We’re into a new financial year for the BNZ and being back in NZ after a couple of weeks offshore I am restarting the Weekly Overview after putting it into abeyance in January. On average each issue will be shorter than in the past but I’ll write a bigger summary and make it abundantly clear whether I think there is something truly worth reading or its just filler.


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Weekly Overview January 22 2015

Thursday January 22nd 2015

This is the first and last Weekly Overview for 2015 as I will be shifting toward a new monthly publication targeted at the strategic planning needs of Kiwi SMEs. The first issue of the NZ Observer will appear in the third week of February.

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Weekly Overview December 11

Thursday December 11th 2014

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