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Economic Commentaries

The full pdf version of the Weekly Overview is contained here.

Weekly Overview 17 May 2018

Thursday May 17th 2018

In this week’s Overview we take a quick look at the Budget then examine data showing the types of jobs showing strongest growth in numbers in recent years.


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Weekly Overview 10 May 2018

Thursday May 10th 2018

Over the six pages of this week’s Overview we first take a look at this morning’s decision by the Reserve Bank to leave interest rates unchanged with no plans for movement until 2020.


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Weekly Overview 3 May 2018

Thursday May 3rd 2018

This week’s Overview runs to seven pages and covers yesterday’s good jobs data, the lack of wages growth acceleration, evidence suggesting builders and farmers have given up hopes of finding the staff they want, migration and tourism data, housing including interesting price growth in Canterbury and Nelson, and interest rates. Enjoy

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Weekly Overview 26 April 2018

Thursday April 26th 2018

This week we discuss issues over a wide arc stretching from the ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, impact of climate change on house prices, impact of transport changes on property prices long-term, to hiding of the truth – namely a hidden report on the immediate business impact of the Commonwealth Games, and LIMs not revealing flooding risks.

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Weekly Overview 19 April 2018

Thursday April 19th 2018

This week I take a simple look at reasons why our economy’s growth rate and jobs growth have both been so strong the past four years, in spite of the big fall in dairy prices over 2013-14.

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Weekly Overview 12 April 2018

Thursday April 12th 2018

In our first issue of the renewed Weekly Overview we take a look at the tight labour market and the need for businesses to boost investment, the chances of another small easing in the LVR rules, and why any decent hike in interest rates remains some way off.

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Weekly Overview 7 December 2017

Thursday December 7th 2017

This is the last Weekly Overview for 2017 and it contains a quick review of some of the recent data and a warning to keep an eye on the drought spreading around the country. Merry Christmas.

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Weekly Overview 30 November 2017

Thursday November 30th 2017

LVR rules have been eased slightly. But it is extremely unlikely that a new housing surge will occur – and if the Reserve Bank thought that such a surge would occur they would not have made the small changes.

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Weekly Overview 23 November 2017

Thursday November 23rd 2017

This week we take a look at the dual long-term challenges facing farming – protein alternatives and environmentalism.

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Weekly Overview 16 November 2017

Thursday November 16th 2017

I’ve been on the road this week with not too much time for research or writing. So this week’s Overview merely traverses a few of the points discussed at functions around the country then notes that even if the Reserve Bank soon eases LVRs, this won’t spark a new upward leg in the house price cycle.

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