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Who best to sell to?

Monday January 23rd 2012

Ignore race, ignore culture. If you were forced to sell a chunk of New Zealand to overseas buyers, those from which country would give the strongest benefits in terms of employment, access to markets, creation of distribution channels we could piggyback off of, deep enough pockets to weather storms without closing up shop, and strongly interested in onshore as opposed to offshore processing?


Hong Kong’s economy is powering ahead on the back of China’s long term structurally strong economic growth.

Tuesday May 31st 2011

Hong Kong Powering Ahead

Having attended a conference in Brussels, visited central bank officials in Dublin, and delivered some talks in London, for the past few days I have been in Hong Kong speaking mainly with people from various parts of the public service as well as the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The picture they paint for this economy is a very strong one – obviously on the back of the structurally strong growth in China.


China’s Economy and Housing Market

Tuesday March 1st 2011

Here are some thoughts gleaned from a conference attended in Melbourne recently regarding China.

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