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Growing With China – September 2012

Wednesday September 19th 2012

This month we have another wide range of articles from Kiwis involved in China plus undertake our usual analysis of China’s economy and NZ’s export data. The Chinese economy appears to be slowing down by more than earlier expected, but demand for NZ primary goods and opportunities for our niche suppliers are likely to remain strong.

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Wellington China Business Network – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

On August 24 I attended a Wellington China Business Network breakfast where there were two speakers – William Summerville from Whittakers Chocolates and Ian Douglas from the Village Goldsmith.

MBA Experience in China – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

Kererua Savage writes about his experiences from visiting China visit as part of his Victoria University MBA

Selling Helmets to China – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

The experience of Pacific Helmets in selling into China.

Opening Doors To China, NZTE – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

This month Pat English, Trade Commissioner, Guangzhou, writes abut the professionalism NZ firms need to take with them when they go to China.

GreenTech – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

Ian McInnes of Sino Investments Ltd writes of the importance of green technology and invites those interested in this area which is receiving increasing attention in already heavily polluted China to read the report for insights into how Kiwi companies might be able to play a profitable role.

China’s Economy – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

Increasing evidence is building of a firm slowing in China’s rate of economic growth, seen not just in the usual monthly indicators but also much anecdotal commentary.

Australia-China Business Week Conference – GWC Sept12

Wednesday September 19th 2012

Late last month I attended the Australia China Business Week conference in Sydney where a variety of people spoke about operating in and with China. Here are the key points which I picked up.

NZ-China Comment Sept 12 Senkaku/Diaoyu

Wednesday September 12th 2012

The dispute between China and Japan over islands to the NE of Taiwan is hotting up. I give some thoughts on the issue and invite Kiwis to learn more about tensions in a part of the world already supplying 62% of our goods export receipts – Asia.

NZ-China Comment – The Winning 23%

Monday September 10th 2012

If you do the math you’ll find that only some 23% of China’s population are truly benefitting from the over three decades of strong growth. The attached document takes a look at how this calculation is made.

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