Tony Alexander

Economic Commentaries

Weekly Overview Sept. 26

Thursday September 26th 2013

The Americas Cup races have come and gone – well gone unfortunately – hopes of a boost to our economy from hosting the next competition have evaporated, and we’re left with the reality of a September quarter output loss due to the high number of people shirking morning work for the past couple of weeks.

Thankfully the dairy sector continues to power ahead with a 2.3% boost to GDP underway and more to come as investment in the sector ramps higher at the same time as construction in Christchurch gets going and house building tries in vain to catch-up with demand in Auckland. It won’t though and that means prices there continuing to rise regardless of the Reserve Bank’s efforts.


The Kiwi dollar is higher than a fortnight ago and like interest rates the drift for the next few months is expected to be upward.