Tony Alexander

Economic Commentaries

Weekly Overview 2 February 2017

Thursday February 2nd 2017

The mainstream media focus is overwhelmingly on those immediately affected by the executive orders being signed by the new US President. Focussing on highly emotive issues risks blinding people to the likely economic impact of policies so far beginning to be addressed and those yet to come. Stripping away the emotions revealed by those opposing President Trump and hidden by the 63 million Americans who voted for him, this week we take a look at how his policies are likely to affect the US economy and our own over time.

We also look at our good employment numbers and continuing to boom net inward migration which is delivering our fastest rate of population growth since 1974. The implications for growth and housing are fairly obvious and especially with a general election coming on September 23 this year’s Budget in May is likely to start addressing the rapidly growing need for more investment in infrastructure and state services.