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Last Weekly For 2012 – More On Expats

Thursday December 13th 2012

This week we round off last week’s discussion about expats with some comments received during the week plus an invitation. If you are an expat reading this and interested in offering your services while offshore to an NZ business wanting to effectively utilise the knowledge and connections you have then email me and we’ll talk. Equally if you are an NZ business looking to access an expat to see how they can assist you then also email me.

In fact, if you are interested in a project aimed generally at matching expats up with employers in NZ wanting to use their skills whether in NZ or while they are still offshore email me.


This week the NZD has headed close to US 85 cents in response to additional money printing being announced in the United States, generally good data out of China, and last week’s more hawkish than expected NZ monetary policy review by the Reserve Bank. Wholesale interest rates have crept up to their highest levels since September but nothing as yet suggests this is the start of a firm rising trend. Economic data releases show a lift in spending using debit and credit cards, but a continuing shrinkage of the core manufacturing sector.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year everyone. I hope you all get a good rest at some stage and many thanks to those who have submitted their thoughts during the year.