Weekly Overview 24 May 2018

This week we start with a look at the data on retail spending growth and migration. Both sets of data show things easing off but it would be premature to start getting down in the dumps about the economy.


Weekly Overview 3 May 2018

This week’s Overview runs to seven pages and covers yesterday’s good jobs data, the lack of wages growth acceleration, evidence suggesting builders and farmers have given up hopes of finding the staff they want, migration and tourism data, housing including interesting price growth in Canterbury and Nelson, and interest rates. Enjoy

Weekly Overview 26 April 2018

This week we discuss issues over a wide arc stretching from the ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, impact of climate change on house prices, impact of transport changes on property prices long-term, to hiding of the truth – namely a hidden report on the immediate business impact of the Commonwealth Games, and LIMs not revealing flooding risks.

Weekly Overview 12 April 2018

In our first issue of the renewed Weekly Overview we take a look at the tight labour market and the need for businesses to boost investment, the chances of another small easing in the LVR rules, and why any decent hike in interest rates remains some way off.

Sporadic 13 March 2018

The NZ economy has grown strongly these past four years and factors supporting further strong, though slightly slower, growth are numerous. What could go wrong? In this issue of Sporadic we look at some of the blind spots which businesses might have in an economy increasingly constrained by lack of resources rather than customers.

Sporadic 7 February 2018

New Zealand’s labour market is very tight. Wages growth remains muted but badly needs to accelerate so businesses without pricing power will close down and people can move to positions where their output will be worth more, economic growth can accelerate, and average incomes can rise – especially through the all-important cross-pollination of ideas and processes central to much business growth these days.

Sporadic 25 January 2018

Having decided to cease publishing the Weekly Overview we have returned to producing Sporadic. This well received publication last appeared in 2015 and looks at specific issues in the economic sphere with no set timetable for release. It appears sporadically! This issue looks at key factors driving the NZ housing market.