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Tony Alexander

Welcome to the online library we have created for placing reports and specialised commentaries too large or detailed to go into our flagship publication the BNZ Weekly Overview.

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Weekly Overview May 26 2016

Thursday May 26th 2016

As promised by the Finance Minister there were no big surprises in today’s Budget, the numbers look good with small though growing fiscal surpluses projected, growth averaging near 3%, unemployment falling to 4.6%, and interest rates not rising until 2018/19. The Budget Speech referenced an upcoming National Policy Statement on Urban Development which will direct councils to allow more housing and measure the impact on house prices of their decisions.


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Weekly Overview May 19 2016

Thursday May 19th 2016

This week I have been on the road so the Overview is on the short side. We take a look at how the Reserve Bank is under-counting the migration boost to Auckland’s population thus under-estimating the rate at which the housing shortage is getting worse and applying upward pressure on prices. Plus we look at how much house prices are rising in Ireland where banks can only lend 3.5 times the borrower’s income.

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Weekly Overview May 12 2016

Thursday May 12th 2016

This week Land Information NZ released data on property title transfers over the first three months of this year and noted 3% occurred where the buyer has offshore tax residency. This 3% estimate of foreign house buying in NZ seems on the low side and we look at some reasons why. It pays to note that LINZ themselves are of the opinion that the data need a lot more clearing up before strong conclusions can be made.


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Weekly Overview 5 May 2016

Thursday May 5th 2016

This week we take a run-through of recent data on the NZ economy to see if there is any serious challenge to our positive view for growth this year. There is not. Enjoy.

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Weekly Overview 21 April 2016

Thursday April 21st 2016

I am on leave this week and next but forgot to warn of such last week so am sending the Overview out to say that – and to make a few quick comments on the state of the economy and as usual the housing market. There is nothing much new there so give it a miss if you have something better to do.

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