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Tony Alexander

Welcome to the online library we have created for placing reports and specialised commentaries too large or detailed to go into our flagship publication the BNZ Weekly Overview.

What’s New

Weekly Overview 16 November 2017

Thursday November 16th 2017

I’ve been on the road this week with not too much time for research or writing. So this week’s Overview merely traverses a few of the points discussed at functions around the country then notes that even if the Reserve Bank soon eases LVRs, this won’t spark a new upward leg in the house price cycle.

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Weekly Overview 9 November 2017

Thursday November 9th 2017

This week we make a quick note of the Reserve Bank doing nothing this morning, then deliver a reminder about what the housing market will look like for the next five or so years. Nothing startling frankly but perhaps of use to first home buyers.

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Weekly Overview 2 November 2017

Thursday November 2nd 2017

There’s a lot to write about this week so the Overview runs to seven pages. We look at the feasibility of planting 100 million trees a year, impact of perhaps 20-30,000 fewer immigrants, plus the likelihood of 10,000 affordable houses being built.


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Weekly Overview 26 October 2017

Thursday October 26th 2017

Thank goodness there is finally something new to write about. Currency dealers are even enjoying some busier activity as policy uncertainty has generated some larger than normal NZD fluctuations. In this week’s Overview we look at the agreements signed by Labour with NZ First and the Greens, focussing solely on aspects with macroeconomic significance. Almost all actual details of policy implementation however remain unknown.

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Weekly Overview 19 October 2017

Thursday October 19th 2017

NZ is to have a Labour-NZ First coalition government with support on confidence and supply from the Greens. General policy orientation will shift slightly toward a bit more state intervention and environmental concerns with some changes to RBNZ operations unlikely to actually alter implementation of either monetary or prudential policies. We will have to wait a few days until a document is released outlining policies agreed on then watch the next three years as support from the Greens is sought for every piece of legislation the new government wishes to pass.


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