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Tony Alexander

Welcome to the online library we have created for placing reports and specialised commentaries too large or detailed to go into our flagship publication the BNZ Weekly Overview.

What’s New

Sporadic 7 February 2018

Wednesday February 7th 2018

New Zealand’s labour market is very tight. Wages growth remains muted but badly needs to accelerate so businesses without pricing power will close down and people can move to positions where their output will be worth more, economic growth can accelerate, and average incomes can rise – especially through the all-important cross-pollination of ideas and processes central to much business growth these days.

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Sporadic 25 January 2018

Thursday January 25th 2018

Having decided to cease publishing the Weekly Overview we have returned to producing Sporadic. This well received publication last appeared in 2015 and looks at specific issues in the economic sphere with no set timetable for release. It appears sporadically! This issue looks at key factors driving the NZ housing market.

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Weekly Overview 7 December 2017

Thursday December 7th 2017

This is the last Weekly Overview for 2017 and it contains a quick review of some of the recent data and a warning to keep an eye on the drought spreading around the country. Merry Christmas.

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Weekly Overview 30 November 2017

Thursday November 30th 2017

LVR rules have been eased slightly. But it is extremely unlikely that a new housing surge will occur – and if the Reserve Bank thought that such a surge would occur they would not have made the small changes.

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Weekly Overview 23 November 2017

Thursday November 23rd 2017

This week we take a look at the dual long-term challenges facing farming – protein alternatives and environmentalism.

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